There is a great episode from the television show Seinfeld where Jerry has reserved a car at the airport. When he arrives the person at the counter informs him that they don’t have any cars despite the fact that he had placed a reservation on one. It’s one of the most humorous back-and-forth conversations that you will see on TV but represents a great point that not many people understand.

While you may have created a reservation for a hotel room, that may not mean exactly what you think it means. So here are some important answers for you to know to increase your knowledge related to hotel reservations.

What is the meaning of Hotel Reservation?

A hotel reservation is a nonbinding contract, in most cases, where you agree that you are going to rent a room for a certain number of days, maybe even one day, and a budget hotels in Cebu provides you with a form of guarantee that when you arrive, there will be a room available for you. Usually the reservation includes the specific kind of room that you would like, which can mean that it could be smoking or non-smoking, the bed choice that you would like, where the room is located, and if it offers such things as a refrigerator, microwave, or stove.

One thing that you should be aware of is that hotels often overbook the number of reservations that they take. This may not seem like a very good practice, but it is quite likely that at least 10 percent of people who book a reservation will not show on the day that they made the reservation for. Hotels expect that, and so they may take additional reservations that put their numbers above what they have capacity for. This may mean that you arrive at your hotel and there is no place for you to stay. You should just be aware of that.

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Why Types of Hotel Reservations?

There are really two different kinds of reservations, which relates directly to the last paragraph that was discussed. In a guaranteed reservation, you are absolutely assured by the hotel that when you arrive there is a room that will be kept and made available for you. It does not matter if you show up at 2 o’clock in the morning, your room will be there for you.

To get a guaranteed reservation, you will almost always have to pay in advance. This can either be that they draw the money out of your account, or you provide a credit card number that is automatically charged by a certain time on the day that the reservation begins. In less you have contacted the hotel at least 24 hours prior to the reservation, then you are usually charged in the circumstance.

A non-guaranteed reservation means that the hotel commits itself to setting a room aside for you, but if you are in a situation where the hotel has overbooked and you arrive later than some other customers, you may find yourself without a place to stay. If you are looking to avoid this kind of problem, then the guaranteed reservation is the way to go. Even if the hotel has overbooked, you are absolutely assured that your room will be available to you.

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How do we book a Hotel Reservation?

Hotel reservations can be booked in several different ways. You can contact the hotel directly and let them know you need a room. You can go on an individual hotel’s website and book your reservation. There are several different online websites that provide you with discount offers for booking a hotel room. You also can contact the travel agent to assist you in making a hotel reservation. In the last two options, usually you are in the guaranteed reservation, meaning that you are paying upfront, but you are also receiving significant discounts for doing so.


If you know that you are absolutely going to be visiting a place and that you are going to be needing a hotel room, then the guaranteed reservation is an absolute must. This is especially true if you are going to a location where lots of people go to visit. By going out and making a guaranteed reservation, you ensure that you’re getting a discounted price in many instances and that when you arrive, no matter when that will be, that your room will be available for you. This will save you a lot of headaches by choosing this option.

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